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On goal-setting

March 17, 2019

Eagle-eyed readers of this blog might have noticed that, back when I first came back from my long hiatus, I said I’d be blogging once a week on Sundays. Those same readers might have noticed that this did not in fact happen. And the reason why this didn’t happen is pretty straightforward: I’d made that particular goal and stated the goal, without giving any real thought to how I intended to actually achieve that goal.

When it comes to goal-setting, this is a mistake that is all too easy to make – and it’s not the first time that I myself have made it, either. It’s all too easy to set a goal that sounds (and is) perfectly achievable, without giving any real thought as to how to actually ensure it gets achieved. This, needless to say, generally results in said achievement not in fact taking place. Hence the ever-growing pile of peoples’ abandoned New Year’s resolutions – amongst many other things.

Since I do not want to end up abandoning this blog again, I figure the the aim of one post a week is worth sticking with – after all, it isn’t that much, and plenty of bloggers put out content far more regularly than that. As such, I took a little bit of time recently to consider how to actually go about meeting that goal. And really, the solution I came up wasn’t complicated.

The solution I’ve arrives at is as follows: I have two specific time slots over the weekend now that I have blocked out specifically for working on this blog. On the first slot, I brainstorm what the topic of my post will be on and – if I finish brainstorming early enough – start drafting the post. On the second slot, I wrap up the post and then…well, post. Hence the post you are seeing right now.

Perhaps if I’d set things up this way in the first place, I’d have managed to produce content for this website far more consistently. In any case, it’s the set up I’ll be using now, and I shall just have to see  in the coming months if it continues to work. And if it doesn’t…well, I’ll just have to come up with something else. After all, I did make that one-post-a-week goal, so it only seems proper that I make good stab at actually achieving it. That’s what goals are for, right?

Had any blogging troubles of your own, lately? Or any problems concerning goal-setting in general? Feel free to comment down below!

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