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January 2019 Book Recs

February 7, 2019

Book recs time! January 2019 actually proved to be a pretty ropy month for me, reading-wise. I spent wayyyy too long slogging through a book I just wasn’t getting into, before ultimately DNF’ing after around 3 weeks. I then proceeded to reading whole other book from start to finish on the final week of the month. Which brings me to….


Adaption, by Malinda Lo

When flocks of birds begin to bring down airplanes across the globe, the world is plunged into turmoil. Caught up in all this is Reese, alongside her high-school debate partner (and secret crush) David. Reese and David find themselves stranded in Arizona following the end of a debating championship. They try to drive themselves home, only to crash after a bird flies at their vehicle. When they wake up in a strange hospital, one month on, they know they are different; what they don’t know, though, is how they are different, and why.

I enjoyed Adaption a whole lot. It is the only novel I have ever read that features a bisexual love triangle, and it’s wonderfully done. Reese’s interactions with her love-interests are excellently written, as are her efforts at uncovering the intrigue that now surrounds her and David both. Reese finds herself dogged by shadowy Government agents, while also struggling to recover her hazy memories of the weeks that followed the crash.

If I have one criticism of Adaption, it’s that it felt spectacularly unfocussed in places. In particular, the tone of the first few chapters – with Reese and David struggling to get home in the aftermath of the bird disasters – is completely different from anything that comes after. I should also note that Adaption isn’t particularly self-contained, with an ending that leads straight into the sequel novel – but since I most definitely WILL be reading that sequel, I do not see this as a particularly problem.


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