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My writing goals for 2019

January 8, 2019

Writing-wise, 2018 was very much a good year for me. I got back into writing following a long slump, did my first short story submission in years, and learned to write at a far quicker pace than I ever used to manage. I’m still tinkering with my exact writing routine – I’ve gone back to mostly writing before work, since making that last linked post – but it’s safe to say that writing is now a pretty significant part of my life.

So, if 2018 was the year I got back into writing, then I’m thinking 2019 should be the year I really start to develop myself in the craft. With that in mind, I’ve decided on the following goals for the year ahead.

1: Finish my current big writing project.

Or rather, finish the project that broke my slump in the first place. I initially started this project thinking it would be a short piece of a few thousand words, to help ease me back into writing fiction. Naturally, it is now running at over forty thousand words, with the ending still a fair way off.

Truth be told, this project has mostly worn out its welcome by now, and I plan to move on from it as soon as I finish the current draft. I do feel I’ve learnt a fair amount from writing it, though, so it’s been time well spent as far as I’m concerned.

2: Continue to write and submit short stories.

Having finally received my first post-slump rejection, it only seems reasonable to go ahead and accumulate a whole lot more. Plus, short stories strike me as a good way to generate fresh ideas, which could potentially be used in longer projects further down the road.

3: Read at least twenty novels over the course of year.

Part of being a good writer is being a regular reader – hence, this goal. I actually hope to read rather more than twenty novels this year, but twenty strikes me as good minimum number to shoot for. Most of these will be YA and/or science fiction, given that those are the genres I write in, but by no means all.

4:  Begin drafting my new YA novel.

Last month, I came up with an idea for a YA science fiction novel. More than one month on, I continue to have a really good feeling about it. As such, I intend to start drafting this pretty much as soon as I produce a satisfactory outline – while employing any and all lessons learned from earlier writing projects.

5 (BONUS): Get a piece of fiction accepted for publication.

Because, let’s be honest here: that would feel pretty darn good.

What are your writing goals for the coming year? Feel free to comment down below!


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