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December book recs

December 30, 2018

Another month, another recommendations post! It’s been a relatively slow month for me in terms of reading, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have recs to share. So without further ado…


Rights of Use, by Shannon Eichorn (Project Black Book #1)

I felt I pretty much had to read Rights of Use the moment I read about its central concept: namely, a civil war between body-possessing alien symbionts over the fate of humanity and of Earth. Kemtewet infest and wipe the minds of human hosts, viewing them as bodies and nothing else; the opposing Gertewet view humans as friends and partners, meanwhile, and share the body between the two of them.

Sarah Anderson and Maggie Rockefeller are two ordinary teenage girls who find themselves thrust into an alien war after being abducted as potential hosts for an alien Kemtewet queen. Sarah and Maggie simply want to go home and resume their normal and quiet lives; instead, they quickly find themselves at the centre of the conflict between Kem and Ger.

What follows is a story with plenty of viewpoint characters – Sarah and Maggie among them – and it takes some time for the characters’ individual plot threads to truly come together.  It was once those plot threads did come together that this book truly clicked with me. Rights Of Use is a novel with believable protagonists and plenty of twists and turns. It contains action, spying, a good amount of character development, and a pinch of political intrigue for good measure. I found myself warming to Sarah and Maggie, as well as to the two Gertewet symbionts Vinnet and Katorin, and I ended up reading the whole thing in just a handful of days.

Fans of sci-fi and of space opera should check this out – along with anyone who’s interested in these sorts of aliens, of course.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeymoon


Ever watched Big Bang Theory? Remember watching Sheldon’s and Amy’s various antics? Now, imagine a character like them, but played for the sake of drama rather than the sake of comedy. That, right there, is Eleanor Oliphant in a nutshell. The titular Eleanor is a poorly-adjusted, socially-oblivious individual with a multitude of demons from her past. After unexpectedly befriending a work colleague along with an elderly gentleman, she finds the opportunity to move forward that she didn’t know she needed.

Filled with moments of tragedy along with moments of great comedy, this is a novel quite unlike anything else I have ever read. Eleanor makes for a well and truly unique narrator, and Gail Honeymoon captures her voice beautifully.  I really found myself wanting the best for Eleanor, as well as for the various individuals she ends up letting into her life. Well worth a read, I say.

  1. I’ve heard good things about Eleanor Oliphant. But I confess it hasn’t been high on my list of priorities, just because… well, so many books. (*shrugs helplessly*) But maybe I’ll borrow it from the library at some point.

    • It’s certainly worth a read if you get the chance. But yeah, I know what you mean; my TBR pile just seems to grow by the day.

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