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A good writing week

December 10, 2018

It’s been a pretty good week for me, writing-wise. For starters, I went ahead and submitted a story to a couple hours ago, thus fulfilling my wish to begin submitting stories again. I am practically certain the story will end up getting rejected, but I’m pleased with it nonetheless and I had a great time putting it together – which, as far as I’m concerned, is the most important thing.

Secondly, I already have a second short story in mind to write. And I already more-or-less know how it’ll go from beginning to end, which should help a lot once I start writing it.

Thirdly, I have finally – finally – started to plan out a brand new novel.

This is actually something I was planning to blog about a fair bit earlier: namely, the issue of actually picking a single novel-length writing project to commit to. After all, I did originally want to write novels, when I first got into writing – and I still do want to write novels, now. At the same time, though, I wanted to write in general – which is why I got started on writing short stories along with other bits and bobs, rather than waiting for ideas for a full novel to materialise.

Now, though, those ideas have materialised , and almost certainly as a result of the other writing I’ve been doing in the meantime. So now, I merely need to flesh those ideas out a whole lot. And then, y’know, actually write the thing.

Parasites are going to be involved in this new project, by the way. Because, well, of course they will.

Had any good writing-related times, lately? Feel free to share down below!








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  1. When I first started writing and was bursting with ideas, my dad gave me some good advice … pick an idea and finish it to the end before you go on to the next idea. Otherwise, you may never finish anything. I think it’s valuable advice.

    • Agreed; that sounds like excellent advice to me. That’s actually why I’m not going to be jumping to this new novel of mine right away: I want to first wrap up the other things I’ve been working on these past few months, in order to get into the habit of actually finishing stuff – which, frankly, seems like the sort of habit I ought to get into.

  2. I’ve had a great writing week too. I’ve written every day. It really helps keep the characters in check and they continue to tell me their story. Now, not everyday I can get in the computer, but having a notepad and pen has really helped. Then, when I have time, I’ve typed up what I’ve written and continued. It all seemed to click this week for whatever reason.

    • Yeah, that does indeed sound like a great week, that; good going indeed :D. Writing every day really does help so much; I’ve not actually managed that so far this week, but ought to be able to go back to that in a couple of days.

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