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And my sci-fi rec of the day is…

September 29, 2015


Lately, I’ve been looking into writing short science fiction as a way to get some time away from my novel without cutting down on my writing. I’ll be doing a full post on that towards the end of the week *. In the meantime, here’s a little something I came across today that I particularly approve of for…uhhh…some reason…

EDIT – Okay, fun fact…the reason I have that DSF graphic up at the top there is that a completely different “featured image” shows up otherwise…from a post in my drafts…that has nothing at all to do with this post. Isn’t technology fun? 😛

*Or not, as it turned out…


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  1. I am trying to balance the “writing” as well. Good luck as you split your focus! 🙂

  2. DSF is a great site. I used to be a subscriber, but I had to quit because my inbox was flooded with more stories than I had time to read.

    • I don’t actually have a subscription to it, myself, just because my inbox tends to be full enough already. It’s a great sight for spending an evening in, though.

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