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A pleasant surprise

November 25, 2014

So here I was, just checking my emails before work, when I found this right at the top of my inbox:


A brand new ebook to read: Symbiont, by Mira Grant.

Now obviously, this didn’t come free: I preordered it not long after finishing Parasite, thinking back. But before today, I’d completely forgotten about it, so finding it was indeed a nice surprise. And given how Parasite ended, it’ll be very interesting to see where Grant ends up taking this series.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ll be reading Symbiont any time soon. Symbiont was pretty much an impulse buy, done purely on the spur of the moment, and it’s far from the only book I’ve bought in such a way; the only difference was that most such books were already out. As a result, my kindle tends to be…well, cluttered.

This, if anything, highlights one of the few disadvantages I see in ebooks: with so many new books just a click away, it’s all too easy to get carried away buying them…and in turn, to end up buying books you never get around to reading. I’m very much guilty of this: at this point, it would probably take a year to go through all the unread books on my kindle right now.

But ebooks have many advantages as well, in my opinion. For one thing, they’re simply convenient: a single ereader can store an entire library’s worth of books, while taking up less space than even one. Also convenient is the ability to discover a book, buy that book and read it within the space of minutes…the risk of repeated buying notwithstanding.

But the real thing about ebooks, for me, is how they’ve allowed me to discover new things. Without ebooks I’d have never come across the Wilderhark Tales, and in turn would never have read the brilliance that was Inspired. I’d have probably never come across Other Systems  and would certainly have never read it. I’d have never read short pieces like Adam or The Man At The End Of The Universe, not to mention the excellent Shades and Shadows anthology.

And discovering new things is what matters. Right? 😉

Any opinions regarding ebooks as compared to print books? Feel free to share down below


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  1. Wait, crap, is this out now? AARGH TOO MUCH TO READ.

  2. I haven’t hopped onto the e-book bandwagon yet, and to be honest I probably won’t anytime soon. So much of everyday life is done via computer and other technologies now that it’s nice to take some time away from the screen and relax my eyes. Plus, I love having bookshelves – and books to fill them with. I can see how e-readers and e-books would be more convenient, but right now they’re just not for me.

    • ^ My thoughts exactly! That, and paper books are far less likely to glitch on me.

      • I’ve had my kindle glitch up before, come to think of it. Really annoying when that happens; I almost always end up thinking it’s broken for good at first.

        One more advantage to print books, then 🙂

    • Good point. There’s something particularly attractive about well-stocked bookshelves, I must admit, and I can see that ereaders will never recreate that. I don’t find that ereaders hurt my eyes, though; it’s more like looking at a calculator screen than anything else.

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