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Holiday Writing

September 11, 2014

For the past two weeks, I’ve been overseas on vacation – and possibly the best vacation I’ve had in a long time, in fact. For two whole weeks, I have able to just relax and think about anything and everything besides work – and opportunity which I enjoyed immensely.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of the aforementioned thinking concerned the novel I’m working on. This was the first chance I’ve really had to really focus on it in…well, a while, and it’s safe to say I’ll be feeling the benefits of this for some time. In pretty much every writing session I did while away, I sat down already knowing more-or-less exactly what I was going to write, which is something that hasn’t happened in quite a while.

The end result was about 10k words added to the current draft, along with a -much- clearer idea of which scenes I’ll be working on next. I’ve been using the skip-around method that I first heard about from Sara Letourneau, so that 10k actually encompassed a fair proportion of the overall storyline.  I really feel like the draft has come together in the past fortnight, and I very much enjoyed seeing it take shape.

I arrived back home the other day, and to be honest am still feeling a touch bummed about that. Even so, the next few months are looking very exciting indeed, both from a writing standpoint and otherwise, and I dearly look forward to seeing what they have in store.


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  1. Yay! Glad to hear that you not only enjoyed your vacation and were able to relax, but that it was creatively productive for you too. 🙂 I was on vacation last week myself, but we’re here to talk about yours, not mine. *lol*

    How did you feel while using the skip-around method?

    • The skip-around method felt absolutely brilliant, thanks :). It sped things up a lot and made the overall story a lot easier to visualise, so I’ll definitely be using it in future projects.

      The only potential issue is going to be putting the novel together further down the line, since the draft I have now is a little…well, disorganised. I have one particular document which currently contains ~14000 words (and is growing) and is filled with passages and scenes that still need to be inserted into the novel itself. I’m planning to take a weekend to sort it all out at some point soon, to keep things from getting out of hand.

      How was your own vacation, anyway? Did you have a good time?

      • I agree, organization is an absolute must with the skip-around method. If you just run with it and work on bits and pieces of the story without planning or tracking, it can get overwhelming. I’m very glad now that I outlined the story’s plot before I started writing, and that I keep a progress-tracking sheet to remind myself of what I’ve worked on – and what I haven’t finished yet. *lol*

        Anyways, I’m glad you gave it a try and found that it works for you. I like your plan to take a weekend to organize the scenes that still need to be inserted into the novel. And 14,000 over a vacation – that’s amazing!

        Vacation was lovely, although I came down with a head cold during the second weekend. :/ But it was relaxing and productive. The novel passed 80,000 words on Monday. *happy dance*

      • I have my plot broadly outlined, but there’s one particular aspect of it I still can’t quite seem to nail down. I’m “skipping around” the bits I DO know in the hopes that the bits I don’t know will come, but I ain’t having much luck as of yet.

        And thanks! To be honest I didn’t do quite as much as that (the document wasn’t completely empty before I went away), but it was still an incredibly productive time as far as writing went.

        Glad to hear your own vacation went so well…head cole notwithstanding. And congrats on reaching 80k! I noticed you have another chronicle up, so I’ll be giving that a thorough read-through in the near future 🙂

      • As long as it was productive in some way, that’s what matters in the end. Yay! 🙂

  2. This “skip around” method sounds pretty good. After finishing the first draft of my manuscript I wound up adding and substantially altering many scenes, so I might as well have just written all the pivotal scenes through to the end first (maybe).

    Anyway, you’re one of my One Lovely Blog Award “nominees.” High five.

    • It’s certainly good for getting words down, though I do wonder if it’s really the best fit for someone as disorganised as myself :P. I suppose time will tell, right?

      In any case, thanks very much for the nomination. My response will probably be a bit delayed, but I will indeed be accepting it.

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