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Aaaand…I’m back

June 1, 2014

Well, it’s certainly been a while, but I’m finally going back to posting regularly on this site. Honestly, I’m glad to be saying this: the last few weeks have been hectic, to put it mildly, and it’ll feel good to get back to something resembling a normal schedule.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve done very little writing since my last post – well, very little creative writing, at any rate. I did manage a bit of work on the novel in the last three weeks, but not nearly enough to stop myself from getting rusty. Today’s writing session took absolutely forever to get going, as they always tend to do when I haven’t written in a while, though the final word count actually came out pretty good. Plus, I finally sorted a worldbuilding detail I’d been having to gloss over, which felt very good indeed.

One thing that hasn’t suffered so much is my reading; after all, there’s nothing like a bit of reading last thing before bed after a long day in front of a computer. Firstly, I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of The Song Caster, written by a certain Danielle Shipley. I’ll be posting a proper review shortly, but I’ll say right now that it was very, very good and that you should totally buy it when the time comes – something which, given how all my other Danielle Shipley reviews have gone, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The other thing I read was Watcher’s Web by Patty Jansen, which you may recall I featured on TPG’s Tasters not so long ago.  Sadly, this book didn’t go nearly as well as I expected from the sample – though, since the whole book was free anyway, it’s not like I really lost anything from it. Long story short, I ended up liking the protagonist and not a whole lot else. Again, expect a full review in the near future.

By the way: I’m planning on doing the next taster the following weekend. I already have a couple of potential features for this, but if anyone has any additional suggestions for it then I’d be exceedingly grateful.

Happy writing, all!







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  1. Welcome back. Do you have a break from the studies for the summer?

    • Unfortunately, no. I’m essentially on a full-time job at this point, so the days of big summer breaks are behind me. Things will probably be a touch more relaxed for a while, mind.

      • As long as you’re able to settle in a routine that allows you time to write as well.

      • Well, that’s certainly the plan. Am planning to go back to writing first thing in the morning once things are completely back to normal, since that seems to be what worked the best.

  2. Welcome back! I took a break from my blog as well for a few months but I’m trying to get back on the wagon.

    • Thanks :D. I’m getting back into things slowly, but it’ll probably be a while before I’m writing at a quick pace again (on the novel or this website). Best of luck getting back into things!

  3. Seems like this has been the time for taking breaks. I’m just sneaking my way back in after a brief social media / Internet break. Glad to see you’re back as well! Hope all went as well as could be during the crazy phase. You’ll get back into the writing swing soon enough.

    • It all went very well in the end, thanks :). I had my end-of-year formal interview the other day, so now that I know I still have a job I can finally relax a little. ’bout time, I say :D.

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