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Taking a quick break from blogging

May 10, 2014

Just making a brief announcement that I (probably) won’t be blogging for the next few weeks, due to the pesky matter of real life. Should be back by the end of the month; see you all then!


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  1. Pesky reality. See you soon.

  2. Ah, real life. I try to avoid it if I can. Good luck with it.

  3. Oh, phoo. All right, then, do come back when you’re ready and able.

  4. 😦 Hope the peskiness is starting to die down a little!

    • It is indeed dying down :). I’ve got a big deadline coming up in a week’s time, but I actually feel on track to meet it now. I plan to get this website moving again once it’s all done and out of the way.

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