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TPG’s Tasters – Second Chance, by Dylan S Hearn (pt 1/2)

April 19, 2014

Well, here it is: the first of what I hope will be many such “taster” posts, wherein I’ll essentially be reviewing ebooks’ presentations (IE: cover and blurb) as well as their free samples. If you have any comments on the taster and/or suggestions for future books to feature (submitting your own is fine, if you have one!) then please feel free to comment below.

Today’s taster will be Second Chance, by Dylan S Hearn, suggested to me by KokkieH. As of writing this particular, I honestly have no idea what I’m about to be getting into – which, really, I find pretty neat.

You may have noticed that this post is in two parts; that’s because this post was getting rather long and, really, I don’t like doing long posts. Thus, I’ve decided I’ll assess the overall first impression today and then provide a more detailed recap of the extract tomorrow evening.

With all that said, let’s begin…


The First Impression


Pretty, isn’t it?

There’s a number of things I like about this image. Firsly, consider the title’s font: it looks very sci-fi-y without being overly fussy, and contrasts nicely with the background image. Note, by the way, that I’m already assuming this will be science fiction; provided it IS science fiction, that is an immensely good sign.

Note also the distinct lack of wasted space. The title is high up and easy to notice, with the author’s name placed unobtrusively placed above it. The rest of the cover, meanwhile, is nicely filled by the background picture. Incidentally, I’m not really sure what to get from that background picture; it looks nice, sure, but it doesn’t really tell me anything about the story to follow.

With all that said, I would indeed click on this cover; on that basis, I’d say it works wonderfully.

And now for the blurb:

It was a struggle but finally the ravages of climate change are in the past. Normality has returned and humanity is blossoming once more.

But a return to normality also brings the return of old behaviour.

Flushed with recent success and bored of being a figure-head, newly-elected delegate Stephanie Vaughn decides to take a more active role against government control. But in choosing to back a campaign to find a missing student, Stephanie unleashes a series of events that puts both herself, and anyone connected to her, in danger.

Set in the near future where everybody is connected and death isn’t final, Second Chance is a story of what power is willing to do to retain control, and what one person is willing to sacrifice to obtain revenge.

…I’m pretty sure I saw two grammatical slips in that. That is…not great…

That said, I like this blurb otherwise. In only a handful of sentences, we have a reasonable idea of the setting, character and central conflict. All three sound interesting to me, and I honestly want to find out more about each of them. Also, I’m now guessing that the cover image has something to do with the “death isn’t final” line; some kind of simulated world, perhaps?

So now, we have a great cover and a decent blurb. Next, we come to the final part of the first impression: the opening paragraph.

The life they knew was gone. Nothing would be the same. Not now. Maria stared out into the storm, her window thrumming as wind flung rain hard against it. Part of her wondered why they were even bothering to carry on. It didn’t look as if their work would ever be needed. There were bigger things to worry about.

Erm…I really must admit I’m not keen on those first three sentences: they’re generic and vague, not to mention rather overwraught. Everything after “Maria stared…” is fine, mind: it sets the mood of the scene, if not the scene itself, nice and quickly.

All things considered, the first impression here could be a heck of a lot worse. The cover is solid (a good sign, given that this was self-published and hence all in the author’s hands), the concepts interesting and the execution reasonable. I’m cautiously optimistic, therefore, about the sample to follow.

*At this point, I actually started to read the sample.




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  1. Loving this approach!

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