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New Blogging Idea; Feedback Sought

April 10, 2014

So, following a conversation with kokkieH on one of my recent posts, I’ve had an idea for a what could one day become a regular feature of this blog. Essentially, I was thinking I could “review” book samples available for download for kindle; rather than a traditional score out of ten, the sample would be scored purely on whether it made me buy the book or not.

To be more precise, I currently have the following format in mind:

  • The first impression – I post and comment on the book’s cover, blurb and opening paragraph, in that order.
  • The Sample – I post a detailed recap of the whole sample. This will be done more-or-less “live” as I read it, rather than with the benefit of hindsight, so as to show how my thoughts on the extract change over its length.
  • The All-Important Question – Did I Buy It?

Now, to make things more interesting, I would be VERY interested in taking suggestions/requests for this. Any genre can potentially be included, though I’m not gonna deny that SF and fantasy are likely to make up much of what I feature. I’d also be keen for there to be a slight emphasis on independently published or otherwise obscure literature here, since the point of this is for myself (and perhaps others, too ;)) to discover books they’d have otherwise never given time to.

And speaking of indies: suggesting one’s own book will be perfectly OK for this, if you want to.

For an initial schedule, I’m thinking I’ll do one of these per fortnight. Right now, I just want to experiment with and tweak the format until I have something I’m truly happy; once I’m happy, then I’ll probably start doing them a bit more often.

So, at this point, I have three questions:

1. Would you be interested in reading something like this?

2. Any ideas concerning a title for these posts? Right now, I’m thinking TPG Tries It or something similar.

3. If “yes” to the question 1, then what should I try out first? 🙂


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  1. That sounds like a brilliant idea. I say go for it. I can’t think of any titles in particular as of this moment, but should I think of something, I’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂

  2. Parasite Peeks? TPG’s Tasters? TPG buy or not TPG buy?

    Great idea. Been toying with the idea of a vlog for book reviews (and quickly got turned off because of the high quality ones that already exist), but this is a crackingly original approach. I’ll definately be paying attention. Might be useful to do a ‘revisited’ as well…so we can see if you regret your decision 😉

    • I must say I really like the sound of “Parasite Peeks”, even if it’ll probably confuse anyone who hasn’t seen this site before. Thanks for the suggestions; I’ll keep them in mind :).

      Definitely going ahead with this, now; first one is planned for the following weekend. I’ll certainly revisit all the ones I end up buying, too 😀

  3. I like the idea. The book description and cover design/choice are not native talents for most writers so we have to work extra hard on them. It also gives some visibility to lesser known, newer artists.

    I also think the “live” aspect to it is pretty crucial since ebooks by unknown authors tend to be an impulse buy.

    Name….The Parasite Previews, A Bug’s Choice, You’ve Been Bugged!

    • Thanks; glad to hear you approve. I’m definitely going ahead with this now, with the first post planned for the following weekend. I’ve got a first book to feature and everything 🙂

      Also, I like the sound of “Parasite Previews” a lot. Thank you very much for the suggestion; I’ll keep it in mind when I decide on a name.

  4. I like the idea. I’ll be honest right now and say I’ve never bought a book online, but that’s at least in part because my local library and I have a good kind of a relationship. The kind where I take out books for free, and then help support the library by paying lots of late fees due to my inability to remember where I put a book that I finished reading. BUT, for independently published books, especially sci fi and fantasy, that I know I won’t run into in the library, that I’d be willing to spend my money on, especially with good reviews from someone with similar reading taste.

    • Thanks; glad to hear :). I’m pretty much the other way around nowadays; with very few exceptions, all the books I buy are in the form of ebooks. Although, if I DID use a library then I could easily imagine having to pay a ton of late fees as well: organisation never was one of my stronger traits.

  5. Sounds like a great idea. Go for it!

  6. And I forgot to add, you should be brutally honest (like you always are) in your assessment of the samples.

    This feature could be really useful for writers so they can make sure their book has a great opening.

    • That’s the plan, pretty much. That way, I hope that both readers and writers will get something out of this.

      Thanks for your input; warmly appreciated!

  7. I like the idea. Especially the “did I buy it” part. I think that would make me consider if I would want to buy it.

  8. Sounds like a great idea. I agree with mobewan that you should do a revisited for those books you did end up buying. I recently downloaded previews for two books that I haven’t got to yet. I’ll gladly share them with you: Second Chance by Dylan S Hearn and Sunstrike by Bev Robitai.

    • Looked up both of them a little while ago, and I think Second Chance is now going to be the first thing I feature. Thanks a lot for sharing! If all goes well, the first post will be on the following weekend.

      And yeah, I’m definitely going to revisit any books from this that I end up buying. Only thing I can’t decide is whether such revisits should be filed as “normal” reviews or whether they should be done separately. Guess I’ll just work that one out when the time comes.

  9. I am a fan of this idea. Especially the part about indie / less obscure books. Always great to support the little guy.

    • Indeed. Thanks for your input; am going ahead with this for sure, now, with the first post planned for next weekend.

  10. I love this idea! Hehe, I’m hopeless at names or titles of any sort though. 😀

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