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A Fine Example Of How NOT To Promote Your Self-Published Novel

April 6, 2014

I mean…well, DANG.

A full dissection of the above website would likely take all day, so I’m just going to point out the first mistake that occured to me: linking to the homepage with instructions to search for the book is NOT the same thing as including a proper purchase link.

Until next time, all.


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  1. Oh, dear….

  2. Wow! The author must be trolling or just not very tech savvy.

  3. To quote Doug, oh dear. And did you check out the Joan-of-Arc-page? And the Q&A. You’re right. There’s simply too much.

    Actually I’m sorely tempted to go to Amazon and download the kindle preview to see if this novel is really as…interesting as it seems. Guess that makes it an effective marketing ploy after all.

    • Yes, and yes. And don’t forget the yo-yoing Hitler!

      Same here, actually. Besides anything else, I kinda feel I owe it to the author after pulling a stunt like this…

      • I actually went to the Amazon page for the book. The reviews confirmed my worst fears about the book. More terrifying is the author’s response to those reviews: pointing out why the reviewer isn’t qualified to review the book (citing religious affiliation, among others) before providing another extract from the book.

      • Had a look myself recently; good grief. A classic case of an author too attached for their own good, I think.

  4. Maggie permalink

    Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that these authors are serious.

  5. SarahClare permalink

    Uh… just wondering if the author knows you’ve pinged back to their site? Only that this is now on there:

    ‘Hmm. This website had forty page views today, Apr 6, 2014. That’s far more than previously. Apparently the word is getting out about Theresa.’

    And it makes me feel a little uncomfortable if it’s more because of your blog post that they’ve received a stat boost, and not because of their work.


    to be fair, the author is trying to get it out there. It’s a big ol’ world, you gotta start somewhere, true?

    • Oh, woah, seriously?


      …hoo boy…

      Well, worst publicity is no publicity, I guess. Still, don’t think I’ll do something like this again in a hurry.

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