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A New Writing Challenge

March 26, 2014

Following on from my last post, I had a further look around Chris White Writes and came across the Unfettered project – an anthology, currently open for submissions, wherein all stories are prompted by one of the ten images displayed on the anthology’s website. Most those ten images caught my eye on some level, but one in particular keeps coming back to me:


Any idea what’s going here? I sure don’t, and I’d like to find out – hence why I’ll be using this image to write around. I particularly like the way that the top left flowers almost seem to make a face, and…hmm…maybe I could…


Now, I’m REALLY late to the party here – submissions opened months back and the deadline is just over two weeks away – so the chances of this working out are pretty slim. Still, the max word limit is pretty short (2.5k) and so it’s by no means hopeless. So long as I schedule properly, I reckon I still have a chance at this.

With that in mind, here’s the timeline I’ve come up with:

Now until Sunday – Work out the story’s basic details; work out the background, the  conflict and the resolution before delving into the subtler aspects. If I get too stuck on this for too long, then try a different image.

30th of March to 6th of April – Blitz out the first draft. 2.5k in a week shouldn’t be that hard, so long as the planning went okay. If a session is going badly, switch to the novel or stop altogether; there’s always the day after.

7th of April -14th of April – redraft and edit. If time permits, ask a trusted reader for advice and feedback.

Before midnight of the 14h – Submit the story!

Sounds simple enough, right?

Like I said above: this is probably not going to work out. Even so, I’m going to give this the best shot I can. It’ll be good practise, if nothing else, and that is all practise that will go towards improving my novel – a fine use of my time if I ever saw one.

Started any interesting projects of your own, recently? Ever tried writing from prompts before? Like this image or any of the others? Feel free to share down below

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  1. Ooh that picture is a bit dark, but good luck with the story. I use images a lot, although I usually have an idea first, then find the perfect image to help fire up my imagination…maybe a bit back to front!

    • I reckon either way round would work, personally :). I didn’t manage to come up with a story for this in the end, so I switched to a different picture pretty late in. Planning to start the actual writing tomorrow evening; it’s probably too late by now, but I’m still going to make a go of it 🙂

  2. That is an…interesting picture.

  3. I just started Camp NaNoWriMo, to answer your question. I’m really pumped up for my story but, like the beginning of every novel I write, I was having a hard time deciding how to start out. I finally figured it out though, so that’s good.

    I’ve never written from prompts before. I’ve toyed with the idea to submit a story to an anthology, to get my name out there, but haven’t the slightest idea where to start. Prompts just don’t pique my interests. 🙂

    Good luck with your submission process! I hope you make it.


    • Never tried using prompts either until about a week (outside of my old creative writing group, anyway). It’s very fun; I’ll definitely do it again, I reckon.

      Thanks! Doubt I’m going to get done in time now, but I’m still planning to give it a go. Wasn’t able to work out a decent story with the original image I chose, so I went ahead with a different picture instead. Have a story planned out at last; now I merely need to draft and edit it before the 14th…

      And, heck, if I do end up finishing late then I’ll still have a new story to my name, so it won’t be that bad 🙂

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