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My New Favorite Writing Haunt

February 25, 2014

Pictured above is the inside of the Whey Pat Tavern, a cosy little place not too far from my halls of residence. As of last Sunday, it is my officially favourite place to write.

First, some background. Last week, my writing wasn’t going so well. I’d had little free time and spent much of that feeling too tired to write properly. I managed some work on my first chapter (which is finished…finally…) but not a whole lot else. To make matters worse, many of my first draft’s early chapters are basically unworkable, meaning that a lot of new material is needed.   I therefore intended to spend much of last weekend on my book, in order to get things back on track.

Saturday, sadly, did not work out. I was still tired and found myself working unusually slowly. I added a few hundred words, but given that I more-or-less had a free day…yeah.  Sunday morning, I hoped, would be better.

It wasn’t.

I was still tired. I was grinding out every word. The writing wasn’t flowing at all. By the afternoon, I was ready to give up…which was when the following occurred to me: I had a laptop. I didn’t need to stay in my room. I could take my laptop anywhere (within reason…) and write on that. I’d written with some other writers at the Whey Pat on the previous weekend, so that seemed as good a place as any to start at.

It worked wonders.

There are a number of things I like about this place. The back of it (pictured) tends to be utterly deserted most of the day, for one thing – lots of peace and quiet, in other words. It also made for a nice change of surroundings after spending so long in my room. The walk over was just enough to clear my head without being overly long, which also helped. Oh, and the tea is good – can’t forget that!

I think the most important thing, however, was that I went over specifically to write. If I didn’t write, or even if I wrote too slowly, then I would essentially have wasted my time. Even in my less than awake state, that got me moving. Two and a half hours of writing bliss followed, during which I got through most of my new second chapter. I also ended up adding an interesting detail to my novel’s world and look forward to working on it more.

So I suppose the message to take from this post is as follows: if you’re experiencing a writing slump, then try seeing what a change in surroundings can do. I can’t really do this on weekdays – I have the pesky matter of grad school to deal with then – but on weekends I’m thinking I’ll make a habit of it. It might just be the thing I’ve needed.

If you’ve ever tried something like this before or are planning to try it, then I’d love to hear your thoughts. For that matter, I’d love hear any such tricks you might know. Feel free to post it all down below!



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  1. Changing your writing space definitely works if you’re in a writing doldrum. Even moving to a different seat or another room in the house works for me. Sadly there’s no cosy writing haunts like this in my town.

    • It certainly seems that way. I actually wish I’d tried this back when I lived somewhere with more than one room. Though I guess I wouldn’t have gotten the added walk, in that case.

  2. I think inside a prison would be a great place to write a novel. You have all the time in the world!!!

    Now, what crime should I commit to go to jail? That’s the tough part. 🙂

  3. That’s awesome! Usually the most I can do when I need to change places is move to a different room of the house, but even that helps sometimes. It’s amazing how just a little change can make such a huge difference.

    • Definitely. I’m still not entirely sure why it works so well, but I ain’t complaining 🙂

      • I guess it has something to do with the change gets your brain going again, whereas the same old, you kind of go “bleh”. Or something. I don’t really know. I’m just glad it works.

  4. Think you’re on to something there. I love to think my motivation comes from a deep internal desire to simply just write, but I know I need some (okay, a lot) of external factors/pressures to keep me going. I like the idea of psychologically feeling the need to ensure you don’t ‘waste your journey’ to the public place you’ve chosen. When I was at Uni I always worked much, much better at the library than I did at home. Felt more ‘formal’ if you like. Almost like going to work. Shall give it a go.

    Glad to hear its helping you get back into your WIP. Keep it up.

    • Hope it works well for you :). I was much the same at my old uni, when it came to working on my course. I’m still the same, come to think of it; the only difference now is that I’m more-or-less expected to come into the office every day, in any case.

      And thank you :). Here’s hoping…

  5. Yay! I’m happy you’ve found a new, inspiring place to write. Has it continued to go smoothly at the tavern since you wrote this? Also, is the food there any good? 😉

    • Food is good, from what I’ve tried of it. I’ve never had dinner there, but I’ve certainly had some great lunches before now 🙂

      My writing has continued to go well at the tavern, but elsehwere…not so much. My schedule kinda blew up last week, so things have been going a little slow as of late.

      • Sorry to hear your school schedule has “exploded.” That’s never fun. At least you’re still in the flow when you visit the tavern, and that helps. I hope things slow down and you can regain some sanity very soon!

        Btw, a new Chronicle is up, whenever you have the chance. 😉

      • Same here. Things should quieten down a bit after today if all goes to plan. Already know what I’ll be writing this weekend 🙂

        And great! I’ll give it a thorough read over the weekend if not before 😀

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