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And the second draft starts…now

February 5, 2014

So…you might have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately. There were a few reasons for this, but I can sum them up pretty easily: Grad School is hard.

With that said, my workload has started to calm down a little and I’ve decided to take advantage of this by starting the second draft of my main WIP. As you may recall, I decided to take a month or so off from this project so let myself see it with clean eyes; by now, then, my eyes ought to be about as clean as can be. Indeed, I went through my opening scene today and…well, it’s clear I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Rather than merely edit the scene, I ended up re-writing most of it from scratch.  Still, I’m happy with the result, and that’s the main thing.

I’m planning an increase in this blog’s activity to coincide with this new draft, though I’m not going to make any firm promises on the schedule just yet. I’ll be starting with the usual book reviews (next up: The Lives of Tao) and also some general thoughts on writing, before moving onto things more specifically about the WIP as the draft gets further along. Said WIP, of course, is pretty much THE reason I call myself “The Parasite Guy” on WordPress. Won’t that be fun?



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  1. Awesome! And good luck!

  2. All the best for the new draft! x

    • Thanks, Bobbie! 🙂 Still feels a little odd to be at this stage, to tell the truth.

      How are things going on your end at the moment?

      • I’m not pushing myself on no4. Meant to get back to it after Christmas, but then the publication date of no3 got brought forward and I’ve been concentrating on giving that a final polish. Planning soon to get back to number 4… if editor’s suggestions on no3 don’t waylay me again…

  3. Second draft! Woohoo! Now you’re making me feel guilty again 😉

    • Well, ‘least your site is still going at a good rate; more than I can say for myself right now :). How goes the WIP on your end, in any case?

  4. Dude, cracking stuff. 2nd draft is where the magic happens, Read somewhere that the 1st draft is just about saying it, the 2nd about saying what you mean, then the 3rd and final one, saying it well.

    At least that’s what I hope because my 1st drafts are dire 😉

    • I’m hoping much the same: the more I read this first draft of mine, the more I realise just how bad it is. Nothing another draft or ten can’t fix, but still.

      Good saying, that; will try to remember it 🙂

  5. Hehe, that’s great! Good luck! And now I should hopefully go write something of my own…

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