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Winter reading

December 22, 2013

It’s occurred to me that (once again) I haven’t been posting much lately. Seeing as I’m now home for my Christmas break, now seems as good a time as any to get this blog back on track.

First of all, the WIP: things are going pretty well right now, I reckon. The climax of the story is fast approaching, and I’m very much looking forward to writing it out. My latest scene surprised me yesterday, which is always nice, and I still seem to be on track to finish before January. I’ll post a bigger update on this as the year draws to a close, so be sure to watch this space 🙂

On the reading front, I’ve now finished Parasite and will be getting a review out shortly. Long story short, it was very good. The writing and dialogue was very well done, the protagonist was great and the plot was interesting. The ending, though, was kinda…well, I guess I’ll explain that in the review itself.

And I still think the cover is amazing

And I still think the cover is amazing

I’m currently reading The Lives of Tao, by Wesley Chu, which came to my attention after mobewan brought it up in a comment. This is a book that sounds right up my alley, with symbiotic aliens and the promise of lots of action, so a big thanks to him! It’s too soon to make any judgments on it, but I look forward to seeing how this one ends up.


After that, I’ll be reading the next two books in Danielle Shipley’s Wilderhark Tales series: The Stone Kingdom and The Seventh Spell. I read the first book a while back and loved it, so it goes without saying that I’m very pumped for these. Given the kinds of things I’ve been reading lately, these two novellas should make for a nice change of pace.

Anyone made any writing progress lately? Read anything I’ve mentioned here? Read anything else that’s good? Don’t be shy; post it all below.


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  1. Pressure! Lives was an entertaining read. Not groundbreaking, but a good way to wile away some time. Sequel is out and sitting in my backlog pile, so I’ll let you know if its worth continuing with the series depending on how you get on with this one. Enjoy!

    • Well, I sure hope I do ;). I’m up to about 35% at the moment and it’s going pretty good so far, though it does seem a little slow in places. I’m guessing things will speed up as Roen develops, mind.

      Hope you enjoy your break 😀

  2. Glad to hear you have a bit of time off. I’m afraid I haven’t made any progress on the novel since November ended. I’ll have to remedy that soon, and get back on track with the studies as well.

    I’m reading The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes. Not the type of thing I usually read, but it’s by a South African author and I picked it up second-hand at a tenth of the normal price, so why not. Time-travelling serial killer. Need I say more? It’s a bit of a tough read as the chronology is all messed up, but once you remember to check the date at the top of each new chapter it becomes quite thrilling. It’s currently set to be my first review of 2014.

    • I’m sure you’ll get back into the novel when the time is right. After 50k in a month (seriously: congrats!) I’d say you deserve a break from it 😉

      Never heard of The Shining Girls, but from what you’ve said it sounds like quite the read. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out that review!

      • Just to give you an idea: Leonardo DiCaprio bought the film rights to the book before it was even released in the US, which was a few months after its SA release. It’s published by RandomHouse, so you should be able to find it in the UK as well (I do remember correctly that that’s where you live?)

      • One more for the reading backlog, by the sound of things. And yeah, you remember correctly 🙂

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