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Week 1 results

October 20, 2013

Back on Monday, I mentioned having begun a little experiment: namely, getting up nice ‘n early so that I could get my daily dose of writing done before going into university each day. Well, the first week’s results are in, and I must say that things are looking pretty good.

During the weekdays, I managed somewhere between 500-600 words every morning. I would start writing at around 7:30 and then stop just over an hour later, which gave me plenty of time to hoof it over to uni before nine. 500 words in an hour, by the way, is pretty quick for me. It seems to be a lot easier to focus when I start writing first-thing, as opposed to leaving it till late in the day like I often did before.

The weekend was comparitively unsuccesful – I managed around 1500 words over two days despite having little else to occupy my time – but still nothing to feel bad about. The end result of all this was approximately 4000 words distributed over a couple of projects, one of which is now very close to the end. Of course, said project is still a first draft and so it’ll be a while before it’s truly done, but I’m still very pleased with how it has shaped up.

Needless to say, I’m very glad to have started this little experiment. If anything, I wish I’d done years ago. I felt pretty tired over the first couple of days, but by Thursday I’d more-or-less settled into it. If you’re looking to improve your word counts and are not already getting up exceedingly early, then this really is something I would suggest looking into.

And with that said, here’s to another productive week 🙂


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  1. That’s great! I’m planning on getting up early once NaNoWriMo starts and writing at 6 in the morning or so…

    • Hope it works out for you, then :D. I’m not going to be trying Nano this year, personally; 1667 a day just isn’t possible at the moment unless I completely throw quality to the wind. I will be trying to write every day, mind.

      • Hehe, most of the time when you participate in Nano, you throw quality out the window. It’s literally quantity or quality—and then a LOT of editing afterwards.

        But I can understand why some people might not want to do that. 🙂

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