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And so it begins

October 14, 2013

Today, I got up at 6am.

For some, this will sound completely normal. Others are probably squirming at the thought. Until recently I’d have fallen into the latter category: as an undergrad, I was never really a morning person and always got up as late as I could get away with. For Scotland, however, I wanted things to be different. Or, to be more precise, I wanted to not stop writing altogether when goings got busy.

Of course, it may sound more sensible to get up a little bit later and then write in the evening. This is what most writers do, so far as I’m aware. The problem with this is that I’m always completely shattered by the time I get back home and so am rarely in the mood to get serious writing done so late. After mulling that point over for a bit, I decided to take a bit of inspiration from this and start writing early in the day. By which I mean really early. Well, for me at least.


Pictured: how I feel on most evenings


It took a bit of time to get to this point. Starting from about 7:00, I gradually set my alarm earlier and earlier until I had a decent amount of writing time. After several hiccups, I think I’ve gotten there. Today was the first writing day, and in my view it didn’t go too badly for the first run: by the time I went to do physics, I had added 600 words to my current short story project and spent the rest of the day free of the thought that I should try and get some writing done. Tomorrow, I hope to do much the same. And then on the day after that…well, you get the idea.

If nothing else, this should be an interesting experiment. I’ll be sure to report how it goes a bit further down the line.


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  1. Best time of the day. Coffee tastes better. Silence seems sharper. Gets harder as the darkness settles in and the wind and rain make bed more appealing, but I hope you stick at it. I’ve found it relaxes me more for the day ahead – as you say, it frees you up to get on with your ‘day job’.

    I’ve added one rule – only get up if I’ve had 6 hours sleep. Between poorly kids, stressful job and making sure I’m at least concious when my wife is talking to me, I’ve realised I am better all round when I’ve had a good nights kip. Not point forcing it too often. Just makes me grumpy.

    • Agreed, though I’m more of a tea man than a coffee man :P. Frankly, I wish I’d done this years go. It went very well indeed over the first week, and I’m hoping that is a sign of things to come.

      I’ll be sure remember that rule. No reason to turn a hobby into something stressful, afterall.

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