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Quick update on novel

August 5, 2013

The last few days have been a little slower as far as writing goes, as my few days’ absence from WordPress may have hinted. Nonetheless, I’m still making progress: my main antagonist has now been introduced at more-or-less the correct time , and tomorrow I expect to finally cross the 30k mark.  I’d have liked to do that a few days’ earlier, but I can’t say I’m overly concerned.  This is already shaping up to be the best summer for writing since…well,ever, actually.

This antagonist is…a rather interesting character, if I do say so myself. He is only actually set to appear thrice in the whole novel and only becomes properly villainous between his second and third appearances, though his actions begin to cause problems for my protagonist not long after his introduction.  Said introduction actually came out a little underwhelming, though I’m not particularly concerned about this for the time being. The second scene with him, on the other hand, is rather crucial and so I’d quite like to get that one right on the first run through. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see if that actually happens.

On the reading front, meanwhile, I finally finished The Ocean at the End of the Lane this morning. Long story short, it was an absolutely splendid read from start to finish and you really ought to give it a read at some point if you have not done so already. Long story long…well, be sure to check for that tomorrow evening. Mark my words: I will be reading more from Gaiman in the future.

What’s everyone been reading lately, out of interest? Had any good reading experiences lately? Had any that weren’t so good?  Feel free to comment below.


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  1. Looks like you’re on track! That Gaiman book is on my list of books to read. Right now I’m reading George R.R. Martin – A Game of Thrones, I watch the show but never read any of the books. I had a pretty good weekend as far as writing goes. I have three more chapters before my first draft is done.

    • Agreed :). Sounds like you’re on track, too. Congrats on getting as far as you have; I hope you celebrate when your first draft gets finished, because you certainly deserve to.

      I’ve heard great things about ASOIAF before, though I’m probably going to wait and make sure the author actually finishes it before I commit. How are you finding it so far?

  2. So far I’m enjoying it even though it’s a bit gorey.

  3. My writing has been going a bit slow, but life has been…rather crazy, I suppose. I really need to crack back down on it and get going, though. 🙂

    Reading? I just finished the ninth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan, and I’ve really enjoyed those books so far. There’s a book on my shelf somewhere that my mom recommended to me that I’ll probably be reading next, but I can’t remember what it’s called at the moment.

    • Ah well. If life’s causing you problems then you can hardly be blamed for a dry spell, right? 😉 I’m sure things will pick up in good time.

      Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Ranger’s Apprentice before now, though from the Amazon page it sounds like something I could enjoy.

      Thanks for commenting, as always 🙂

      • True. I’m thinking life will settle down a little, or at least get a better schedule, when school starts up again.

        My brother and I have both been really enjoying RA. We’ve been getting the books from the library, and well, we can’t seem to get them fast enough. 🙂

        No problem! 😀

  4. That’s the spirit! Don’t worry too much about the things you can fix later on. 🙂 And great job so far with the progress you’ve made so far this summer.

    Hmmmm, interesting that your protagonist only appears a few times during the novel. Any reason for that? (If you’re willing to share…?)

    Like Diana, I’m reading a Game Of Thrones book right now – the third one in the series, A Storm Of Swords. I’d started reading the series before the first season of the show came out. Since then, I’ve fallen behind a bit. *lol*

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Regarding my antagonist…well essentially, he’s deliberately keeping his distance and the protagonist doesn’t immediately realize what all he is doing. When they do realize, they confront him and seemingly put a stop to him, only for him to then turn up in the finale far worse than before.

      I’m going to have to read that series at some point. Pretty much everyone who mentions it seems unable to put it down.

  5. Kate is permalink

    I am reading something I have wanted to read for some time. The City of Dreaming Books, by Walter Moers. It’s about Optimus Yarnspinner ( who can resist that name) who sets off to discover the author of a mysterious manuscript he has inherited. I’m loving it.

    Great progress you’re making. I wish I could say the same 😦

    • Just checked out that book over on Amazon. It sounds very strange…in a good way, of course :). Are you planning to review it when you’re done?

      Sorry to hear you’re having a slump. What’s the issue, if you don’t mind me asking? Is it time issues, or is it good ol’ Writer’s Block?

      • Kate is permalink

        I shall do one, it’s strange enough to warrant it.

        I finished a novel and sent it off to an agent and now I am pondering on what to start. I have so many ideas that I’ve been excited to work on, but picking one is the thing.

  6. My novel progress has also tailed off recently, but short stories, blog posts and a course I’m doing are at least ensuring my skills are…moving. Not sure what direction yet though 🙂 Finished Ocean a couple of weeks ago – first Gaiman I’ve read and to be honest I was disappointed. The style seemed very simplistic and the story was much, much more condensed that I expected. Some of the description was vivid and he certainly nailed the characterisation and the ethereal feeling throuout the book – but it all felt a bit YA. Not that I dislike YA books, I just wasn’t expecting it to have that feeling. Think maybe my expectation was far too high.

    • Well, as long as you keep writing then surely they can only move upwards :). That’s how I see it, anyway.

      I went into Ocean without having a clue what to expect, which may have helped me a bit. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you, though.

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