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Day 24 – Milestone Reached!

July 24, 2013

Alright, so, yesterday turned out to be a bit of a bust as far as writing went.  I started very late in the day and only managed a meager 380 words before deciding that it just wasn’t working out for me.  On a completely unrelated note, Dawn of War is as fun as ever and you should totally play it at some point if you’ve never done so.

Moving on.

Today, thankfully, went a lot better.  I went just over my thousand-word target, bringing my overall word count up to  20700.  By the end of today’s session, the Big Scene (or at least a lousy first draft of it) had been written and the first act of the story brought to a close.  By my reckoning, I’m now about a fifth to a quarter of the way through the overall story line.

As I mentioned in my last post, I consider the point I’m at now to be something of a milestone.  So in order to celebrate that, and because I said in a comment some time ago that I would be doing this, I thought I’d say a few words about my parasitic character.

At the beginning of the novel, this creature has been living as a pet to my protagonist and their family for several years. While several other members of its species have been known to visit human homes from time to time, this is one of the very few which have remained with one family for so long.  By now, it has gotten pethood down to a fine art and knows precisely how to get what it wants, when it wants, all the while pretending to be far dumber than it really is.

As I’ve mentioned before, the character is parasitic in nature.  This is known to the humans it lives with but is of no concern to them: once it nears adulthood, they fully expect it to leave them behind in order to live a natural life.  The problem with this is that the character is already close to being fully grown and is still showing no intentions of leaving. That, funnily enough, is because it does not in fact intend to leave.  The creature has grown to like its adoptive family very much over the years and now wishes to stay with them.  Unfortunately, it’s taken a liking to one particular member of the family just a little bit too much…

So, there you have it.  Tomorrow, I’ll be briefly looking over what I’ve got so far and making notes on changes I already think are needed, and then I’ll be launching straight into the novel’s second and longest act.  Looks like I have a way to go yet 🙂

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  1. kaedynr permalink

    I take it you’ve been writing on your novel/story for 24ish days? Congratulations on a 20,000+ word count in such little time. I’ve been working on my novel,actually writing it for almost a year and I’m only at roughly 18,000 words. I like the idea of a daily goal. 🙂

    • I started it on the beginning of July, yeah. I won’t be doing much else with myself until September, so it’s a great way to keep myself occupied.

      Daily goals are certainly a good idea if you want to try to boost your writing speed and I’d definitely recommend giving them a try some time. The best approach would probably be to start with something reasonably small, and then start raising the goal as your writing speed increases.

      Good luck with your novel, and thanks for stopping over 🙂

  2. Keep going and congratulations on your achievement!

  3. Sounds like a great story premise 🙂

  4. Congrats on the milestone.

    A grown ‘child’ that won’t leave home? That is the worry of many a nearing-retirement couple these days =P

    • Thanks a lot :).

      Indeed. Of course, I doubt that most people would be able to think of this character as a child after it gets serious about staying 😉

  5. Wow. Twenty-thousand is great! 😀 Good luck!

    That’s an…interesting character. Definitely sounds troublesome, though. 🙂

  6. First of all: Congratulations on reaching the end of Act I! *throws confetti*

    Second, I enjoyed reading about the parasitic character. I agree with Magic: This pet sounds like it(?) will be trouble as the story progresses. The fact that it’s a family pet should also present interesting dynamics – not only on the parasitic character’s side, but on the family’s as well.

    • Thanks :). And yeah, that pet is going to be a ton of trouble for the whole family, but particularly for the protagonist.

      I don’t think I’ve managed to get the dynamics right just yet, though. Thinking over what I’ve written so far, the creature has hardly any on-page interactions with the rest of the family. One more thing to fix when I come to the redraft, I guess 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, as always!

      • Absolutely, you can fix it later. 😉 And you never know what ideas you might get for revising those sections as you work on other parts of the book. It’s amazing how a writer’s brain can work on multiple sections consciously and subconsciously.

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