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Day 22 of Novel – Getting back on target

July 22, 2013

So, as far as I can work out, Akismet is still blocking most of my comments on other sites.  They replied to my original query this morning and seem to be as baffled as I am.  I’ve now filled out a second form for them and they’re looking into it; I remain hopeful that it will be taken care of soon.  If nothing else, this does highlight the need for us all to check our spam folders every once in a while: as good as Akismet usually is, it’s still an automated system and so is bound to make mistakes from time to time.

But enough about that.  Onto the novel-writing progress.

Today was another good day, writing-wise.  Although I started quite a bit later than I’d have liked, I eventually managed over 1.5k before deciding to call it quits.  My average seems to be slowly creeping up again.  At this rate I might even hit my original target of 1000 words a month; at the moment, I’m at just over 850.

Tomorrow’s scene, by the way, is the scene in which my parasitic character finally gets their act together.  This scene marks the end of the novel’s first act and so I consider it to be something of a major milestone.  In order to celebrate said milestone, I’ll be posting something a little…different once I’ve reached it, which will probably be before the end of tomorrow.

In the meantime, happy writing 🙂

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  1. That really is an odd problem…. I hope they figure it out soon. Meanwhile, I’ll make sure to check my spam more often.

    That’s great! 🙂 I kind of hit an important milestone in my writing, too, though….not really a good milestone….

    • What kind of milestone is it, if you don’t mind me asking? I kinda figured that nearly all milestones were good things.

      • I’m at the point in the story where my characters go from reacting to what’s happened to them, to actually doing something important, if that makes any sense. I suppose that normally this would be a good thing, but my characters only seem to be causing problems, so it’s rather stressful.

      • Makes perfect sense to me. How are they causing problems, if I may ask. Are they taking the story away from the direction you had in mind, or are they just bogging down the story completely?

      • Mostly just bogging it down. It’s still going in the direction I intended, for the moment, but I can’t seem to get into their heads and just *write* anymore….

  2. Kate is permalink

    Around the blogs, I’ve heard of this a bit. If the spam box you land in releases you, it seems to help. I hope you climb out soon.

    • I was on the forums today and it does indeed seem that quite a few people have this problem. Maybe Akismet updated their filter recently, or something like that.

      I managed to get a comment though a few hours ago, though :). I guess I’m on the way out.

  3. That’s really a weird problem to have with your spam filter. I hope you can sort it out soon.

    Great job with continuing to make progress on the novel! Looking forward to seeing how you’ll mark the milestone of ending “Act I.” How far along do you think you are in the novel, percentage wise?

    • Apparently, quite a few people have been getting this problem lately. I’m sure it’ll go away sooner or later.

      Thanks a lot! I finally finished the scene a couple of hours ago. I’m probably about 20% through the novel now, but I’m not entirely sure anymore.

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