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Day 8: Still going strong. Sorta.

July 8, 2013

I have mixed feeling about today.  On one hand, I hit today’s target; on the other hand, it took several hours longer than it really ought to have done.  Procrastination was a major contributor to this, with lack of sleep being another.  Having now (nearly) finished writing for the day, I can safely say that I will sleep well tonight.

At this point, I am now just shy of 7000 words after 8 days’ worth of writing.  According to excel, my daily average is now up to 869 words; it’s slowly working its way back up, which is a good thing :).  The important character was introduced today, though as of yet he’s not seeming remotely important.  In about a chapter’s time, his importance will start to become a bit more apparent ;).

I’ve also t thinking about what I’ve written so far.  Among other issues, I seem to have neglected to reveal a key component of my worldbuilding in a timely manner.  The only place where it’s natural to reveal this component is in my opening chapter, which means that about half of what is already written for that chapter is going to be utterly invalid when I come to redrafting it.  I already expect several other chapters to follow suit in this regard.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  If professionals can’t get it right on their first attempt, than why should an amateur like myself expect to achieve such a feat?

It’s times like this when I am very, very glad to have been born in the age of computers.  I dread to think what it would have been like being a writer before word processors, having to re-type the entire story in each and every draft.  I’ve read about how writers would literally cut and paste sentences of their manuscript in order to restructure their work, but this would only go so far.

…I think I’ve officially reached the point of rambling.  Night, all!


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  1. Oh wow! 7000 words is quite amazing for 8 days! And 869 is a great average. What’s your goal for the month?

    Ahhhh you seem to be very thoughtful about this…haha I’m not even thinking consciously about “key components of worldbuilding.”

    Good luck!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping to have an average of 1000 by the end of the month, as this’ll give me a reasonable chance of finishing my first draft before the end of the summer. I seem to be getting there so far; here’s hoping it continues :).

      Sounds like you’re more of a pantser than I am. All of my earlier novel attempts were loosely planned and went terribly, so I planned this one in a lot of depth. The “key component” I mentioned is kinda essential for the end of my first act, so I really need to slip it in somewhere…

  2. 800+ words a day is a very good pace. I wouldn’t complain at all if I could maintain that level on my first drafts.

    Re: the computer age, there is a reason why I didn’t attempt a a full novel when I was using a typewriter. Being a hunt-and-peck typist in those days, even short stories were painful.

    Hang in there and keep at it.

    • It’s not a level I’ve managed to maintain for any length of time in years. Honestly, I’m surprised that it hasn’t started to slip already.

      Roughly how long did it used to take to edit your shorts, out of interest? I had enough trouble with short-story editing when I was using word; doing it the “old” way sounds like an utter nightmare.

      And yeah, I’ll try to keep at it. Hope you do, too 🙂

  3. I often think about Hemingway, typing each change, cutting and pasting the old fashioned way. They really would have known every sentence by the end.

    • I guess that would be one advantage of editing the old way. It still sounds exceedingly tedious, though. It’s a wonder that anyone managed to actually finish anything in those days.

  4. If you ever write a first draft that’s anywhere near perfect, then that means you aren’t paying enough attention to what you’ve written. In my opinion, seeing all of the things you’ve done wrong in what you’ve written is how you’re going to improve it.

    Haha, yes, that was probably a pain. Sometimes I like to write in a notebook, and then I’ll add in random notes in the side and stuff, but I won’t do any actual editing except in my word processor. It certainly saves a lot of headache.

    • Well, my first draft already has extremely dodgy word usage in places, sloppy pacing and a first chapter which doesn’t achieve any of the things it was supposed to achieve. I think calling it “perfect” would be a little charitable of me :P. Still, I remain confident that this story has the potential to be good once I’ve given it enough drafts. I’m honestly not sure where that confidence is coming from

      Still, it’s slightly better than I remember my earlier attempts at novels being. That’s probably something, at least.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • From my experience, it is that confidence that usually means you’ll get somewhere with it. If you’re dreading working on it because you think it’s horrible, then you won’t get anywhere. But if you think you know it’s horrible (though it probably isn’t as bad as you think 😛 ), but are still confident and willing to work on it, then you’ll usually get somewhere.

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