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Days 6 and 7: below target, but still looking good

July 7, 2013

Saturday was a resounding failure as far as writing went.  After not getting anything done on the WIP that morning, I met up with a friend and proceeded to play several rounds of Dawn of War with him before receiving a crash course on how to assemble Warhammer 40k miniatures.  Some assembled models and a TV movie later, I ended up getting home in the early hours of this morning and went to bed shortly after.

Man, I have a hard life.

Having seen my average word count well and truly soiled (794 – eep!), I went into today’s session with high hopes of getting it back up to scratch.  I didn’t quite manage it, but I still did pretty good: 1164 words were added today, bringing the average to 847.  The important character I mentioned on Friday is now around 50 words away from being introduced, so I have that to look forward to tomorrow.  Overall, I’d say that today was a good day.

Also, it occurred to me today that I haven’t read much over the past couple of weeks.  Seeing as I would like to be a published author some day, this is more than a little hypocritical of me; I therefore took out a few hours today to begin getting caught up in that regard, and I already know what I’ll be reading next.

On a final note, my Avast antivirus now seems to hate wordpress in general, having given me several warnings while I was simply browsing my feed.  It always seems to be images that trigger it; not sure if that means anything.  I’m starting to think that I have some sort of problem on my hands.

Having finished today’s update, I think I’m going to go and read a bit more.  See you ’round, all 🙂

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  1. That’s great! I wrote about the same amount today; I think I might be picking up on my writing finally… Granted, I did switch projects. Hmm.

    I haven’t read much lately, either. Last time I went to the library, I got only two books and finished them in as many days…. and since I’m waiting on some of my siblings, it’ll still be another week before I can go again, so I got nothing to read. Whoops.

    That’s…really weird. Are you sure it’s WordPress and not something else? Then again, WordPress isn’t always the most… eh, bug-free. I hope you figure it out, though! Or it goes away….

    • It still seems to be WordPress alone that is causing problems. Had another Avast warning as soon as I opened my feed today; I’m now running a virus scan to see if I can get to the bottom of this.

      Glad to hear you’re getting back on track :). How come you switched, out of interest? Were you feeling uninspired over the one you were working on, or did your new one just suddenly demand attention?

      • Huh. That’s really got to be annoying by now, isn’t it?

        A little of both. Mostly it was boredom and lack of inspiration with the other project, but I did manage to find a bit of inspiration for the new one, so I’ve got a good start, I think. Let’s hope it stays this way…

  2. Disappointing days happen every now and then. That’s OK. At least you rebounded afterwards. Keep up the good work.

    And yes, don’t forget about reading! That’s just as important as writing if you want to be a writer. What are you currently reading?

    I have no idea why your anti-virus program would be reacting so weirdly with WordPress… Technology isn’t one of my strong suits, so I can’t offer much there. I hope that a) the problem doesn’t continue, or b) you find a fix for it soon.

    • Thanks :). That’s the plan.

      I’m reading an ebook called Hippie Drum right now; it’s for a review request, so that just makes it doubly important to finish soon :). After I’ve read that, I’m going to start trying to clear out my backlog before getting anything else new.

      Sadly, the problem is still here today; this time, I got a warning as soon as I opened my feed. I’m running a virus scan right now; here’s hoping it finds whatever is causing the issue.

  3. Well done on catching up. 🙂

  4. I find that when I’m reading a book I’m really enjoying I end up more inspired to write. However, I have also found that since I’m really focusing on my writing now, I’m tending to pick books apart, making it a bit harder for me to enjoy them.

    I’m not entirely sure if this is symptomatic of the fact that I’m writing more and therefore more critical or if the fault lays with the quality of the last few books I’ve read. (Psion Beta, I Am Legend, and I’m now currently reading Arisen : Maximum Violence.)

    • Probably a bit of A and a bit of B, in all honesty. I’m certainly a lot more critical of books than I was before I got into writing, but that’s at least in part due to the fact that I’ve started reading a lot more often since getting into writing.

  5. Wow good job on being so consistent with your word count average!

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