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Day 3: getting faster.

July 3, 2013

Today’s writing session was slightly shorter than the other two.  After drinking several cups of tea in the morning, I sat down at my keyboard while feeling just a touch hyper from the excess caffeine.  In just over three hours, I managed to get down another thousand words.  Caffeine, it seems, really does do wonders for the ol’ word count.

So far, I’ve finished two scenes in just over three thousand words.  Honestly, I was hoping to do these scenes within 2k, tops.  I plan on trying to cut them down when I get to the redrafting stage, but for the time being I’m going to leave them as they are. The last thing I want is to get bogged down in editing at this early point.

Tomorrow’s scene, by the way, largely consists of my protagonist tripping out on fantastical drugs.  I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to write said scene, though I’ve had a rough idea for some time. Here’s hoping it comes to me after a good night’s sleep.

(Apologies for the shortness of today’s post.  Tomorrow’s one will be a bit longer, I promise.)


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  1. Caffeine can certainly do the trick. My favorite method is through chocolate.

    Ooh, cutting down…. My first draft ended at about 80k, and I cut it down to about 60k. Although it’s a little shorter than I’d like, it’s much better. I agree though—don’t worry about editing until you have a finished draft. Trust me, it works a llloooootttt better if you wait.

    • I dread to think how much I’m going to end up cutting out or changing in the second draft. I had a scene bog down yesterday and have now essentially abandoned it in favor of simply moving onto the next one. I might fix this earlier if I get a brainwave, but otherwise it’ll be left this way now until I start redrafting.

      …yeah, writing is hard.

  2. I agree with leaving them as they are and moving forwards. Worry about that later. Congrats on the progress.

    • Thanks :). Moving forwards is definitely the correct approach, but I can already tell that the first redraft is going to take a while.

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