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Lovely, lovely spam

June 4, 2013

I’ve just deleted the very first piece of spam on this site that managed to bypass the automated filters.  I feel quite special.

This, I suppose, is a disadvantage of not moderating the comments on your blog.  That said, Akismet was reportedly able to block over one hundred spam comments before one finally  got through, so I’d say that the filters are pretty effective on the whole.  Needless to say, I’ll be keeping my site’s comments open.


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  1. Haha! Spam seems to be a hot topic today. There’s a setting that someone’s comments are moderated the first time only. Once you approve someone once their comments go through automatically, unless it contains a word you flagged. But yes, Akismet is quite good at catching spam. Thanks visiting my spam post.

    • Thanks for stopping by, and thank you very much for following along :). I must admit that I didn’t know of such a setting. That said, unless this blog gets huge (unlikely) then I’ll probably just keep the comments open to all: chances are that I’ll see the spam post before anyone else does.

      Funnily enough, the next two followers after you kept exactly the sorts of blogs that you mentioned on your post. I can’t help but wonder how many such websites exist.

      • Well, I’ve had a few more of them after that post. I’m digging into the WP terms of service at the moment and I see these types of blogs are not allowed on WP. If you look carefully, you’ll see their URLs are not WP sites, otherwise the staff on WP would have suspended them. They only follow people on WP to generate traffic to their own sites.

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