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Blogging bugbear: comment approval

April 14, 2013

Now, I’m hardly to first person to state this, but I’m going to say it anyway: requiring comments to be manually approved is a really bad idea.   

There are several reasons why you should allow comments to appear automatically, but one in particular is that there is rarely a good reason not to.  If you have a WordPress domain then spam comments will by-and-large be zapped by Akismet, and if you’ve got your own domain then Akismet is free to download in any case.  And if one spam post does make it through?  Just go ahead and zap it yourself – big deal.

Of course, Akismet isn’t going to stop messages that are rude or otherwise inappropriate from appearing under your posts.  This is still not a reason to vet the comments, however: WordPress commentators are very polite people on the whole and so problematic messages will be few and far between.  If something dodgy does appear in the comments then, as with the above case, removing it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

The bottom line is this: if your blog is incredibly popular AND deals with controversial topics then, by all means, vet the comments.  Otherwise, I would strongly recommend against doing so.


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